Sixteen (16) Local Government Units in the region inked a Memorandum of Agreement with the Department of Social Welfare and Development Field Office 5 through its information management system dubbed as “Listahanan”.

Listahanan is the country’s database of poor households which makes available to national government agencies and other social protection stakeholders as reference in identifying potential beneficiaries of social protection programs.

The provincial orientations conducted last December with the Local Chief Executives, P/C/Municipal Social Welfare Officer and P/C/Municipal Planning and Development Officer caught their attention to enter to a Memorandum of Agreement with the department.

They likewise expressed their support to the upcoming household assessment to be conducted this year.

The municipalities of Del Gallego, Garchitorena, Baao, Tinambac, Magarao, Milaor, Ocampo, Nabua, Ragay & Sagñay in Camarines Sur province, San Lorenzo Ruiz in Camarines Norte, Bagamanoc, Catanduanes, Baleno and Palanas, Masbate, Jovellar and Polangui Albay were among the LGU’s who requested the data.

The data sets will contain list of poor households with their basic information such as names, date of birth, age and address.

Such information will be used by LGU’s as a primary targeting mechanism in determining potential beneficiaries or recipients of the programs and services. This is to ensure that the benefits of their program go to those who really in need.

Data Monitoring

The Listahanan’s data is protected under a memorandum of agree­ment, which ensures that the data will be used only for its intended purposes.

A MOA is required if the information be­ing requested includes the names of family or household members.

Also, as stipulated in the MOA, the data user must integrate Listahanan in all its social marketing activities  highlighting or emphasizing the use of the targeting system in identifying beneficiaries of its social protection programs and projects.Provide regular feedback on data utilization and resolution on complaints regarding beneficiary eligibility and ensure the confidentiality and use of requested data only for purposes agreed upon.

At present, DSWD 5 has a total of 37 Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with various organizations utilizing the Listahanan’s data.###crbarrameda