A Success Story of Dely Tugbo

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Dely Tugbo is an ordinary woman…… a woman of courage and with an extraordinary strenght. She is a person who instead of giving up would work harder for her family.DSWD, Fie;l

For a living Dely sells fresh fruit and vegetables and get a daily income of Php500.00 daily.. But according to her this is not a fix income which could not support the family. This measly income is augmented by her husband’s earnings from selling root crops derived from the harvest of their own farm. Life for the Tugbo was hard for a brood of five children to feed. All of the children are in-school. In order to have an additional income, Dely started to cook and sell food snack in a elementary school nearby.In the afternoon, if there is a basketball game in the baramgays basketball court, Dely vends barbecue, ice candy and ice water.Dely shared that they also involve their children in their livelihood activities. On weekends, the two eldest children join Dely in bringing the products for sale in the neighboring barangays whle the three younger siblings are given specific household chores. “Gusto naming matuto ng gawaing bahay at makita rin nila ang hirap nang paghahanap ng pera para sa pangangailangan ng pamilya. Dely disclosed.

In the evening, Dely supervises her children in doing their homeworks and have a time for the family to meet. This is for the couple to know if the children have concerns and problems which need to be responded to.

The couple are also active members in the community.Dely eagerly shared that her husband is an active volunteer of the KC:KKB. Being akilled in masonry he contributed in the construction of athways and in dredging canals while she was an active member of the Project Preparation Team (PPT). She also became an officer of the then Rural Improvement Club and presently the President of the Barangay Women’s Club Association and an active meber of the Women’s Club Municioal Federation. In 2004 barangay election, Dely tried her luck in politics for which she was elected as one of the barangay kagawad.

Dely recalled why they joined Kalahi-CIDSS. Sumali kami dahil gusto naming makatulong sa komunidad.Nagvolunteer kaming mag-asawa kahit walang bayad dahil gusto naming ipakita na may naitutulong din kami. She was also able to encourage female mebers to help in the sub-project implementation. Each female volunteer provide the aggregates and some sre responsible in preparing the food for those working in the project.

In 2009, Dely became a Pantawid Pamilya grantee. For her it was a blessing that she chrished. Ako po ay naniniwala sa kasabihan na “Many are called but few are chosen.” Kasali po kami sa “few” na napili. Dely exclaimed.

Dahil sa Pantawid Pamilya, gumaan ang buhay namin. Hindi ko na pinoproblema kung saan ako kukuha ng pambili ng mga gamit sa eskwela, baon na pera, at ang pangkalusugan na pangangailangan ng aking mga anak. As a Pantawid Pamilya grarntee, Dely is religiously complying the conditionalities. Together with her husband they regularly attend the Family Development Session. “ “Isang beses lang naman sa isang buwan ang FDS kaya sinisiguro ko na pati ang aking asawa ay makadalo.Marami kaming natututunan sa FDS lalo na ang tamang paghawak ng pera. Ito ay nakakatulong sa aking maliit na negosyo.” Dely shared.

According to Dely she always remember what was taught to them that Pantawid Pamily is basically for the educaton and health of the children, thet no child should be left behind. This is the reason why upon receipt of the grant Dely settle all the school obligations of the children and have the children avail of the health services.

Despite the poverty and hardships she experiencd in life,Dely never gave up. She would do anything for the good of her children. She keeps praying for the good health of thechildren and for them to be able to finish their studies and be uplifted from poverty. “The children are my inspiration” , she said/ Dely is not only a Pantawid Pamilya beneficiary but was also chosen as a parent leader.

When asked why she was chosen as a parent leader, her members shared that she is active, a dynamic leader, kind and passionate. As a parent leader, she encourages all her members to participate in all community activities be it a pantawid pamilya or not related activity. She has also instilled in the mind of her members that attending the FDS is not only for compliance but its importance to their life as a person and as a family.Thus, she requires all the members including their husband to attend regularly the FDS. Dely expressed with glee that she always have complete attendance during FDS and other meetings being called for. Through her initiative, she coordinate with Department of Trade and Industry to conduct training on food processing ad bio-intensive gardening.

Another good fate came not only to the Tugbo’s family but to other 19 Pantawid Pamliya beneficiaries in Barangay Mandale.It was when the Sustainable Livelihood Program was introduced giving priority to the Pantawid Pamilya beneficiaires. After going through series of social preparation and series of Basic Business Managemet Training the group qualified for the program under the group enterprise with a total funding of Php 200,000.00. This was funded by the DSWD under the Bottoms-Up-Budgeting

Bottoms-Up Budgeting is an approach to preparing the budget proposal of agencies taking into consideration the development needs of the poor cities/municipalities as identified in their respective local poverty reduction action plans that shall be formulated with strong participation of basic sector and other civil society organizations.

The group identified themselves as Mandale Pantawid SLP SEA-K Assocation. In coordination with the Department of Trade and Industry the group were given intensive training on meat processing and packaging. Before the start of its preparation, the group were able to put up a production center. From the Php200,000.00 capital grant, the group initially spent P10,000.oo to start its project operation. Each member take turns in reporting to the production center daily to help prepare, cooked and packed the processed meat like; tocino, skinless longanisa, embutido and other processed food. The project is already registered with the DTI.

In terms of marketing Dely started to build networks and able to look for right contacts and customers. She was able to establsih contact with government institutions, offices and other private establsihemnts as their customers.Because of the growing demand of the product the number of members who report to the processing center daily has increased.

For Dely one important ingredient for a good business to prosper is good public relation.Dely said that love of business is parallel with making money.Guts and hardwork always make sense. Because of hardwork and aspiration, two of Dely’s elder siblings are now college graduate and are now gainfully employed.# # # # eejerusalem

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