To immediately address the issues arising from the delisted beneficiaries of the 2nd tranche for the Social Amelioration Program (SAP) of DSWD, particularly on the result of deduplication with Social Security System for the Small Business Wage Subsidy (SWBS) Progam of the agency, the DSWD representatives – Ms. Gerlie Avila-SWO IV/PPD Chief, Ms. Rhoda Mendaros-SWO II/PAT Leader for Albay, and Ms. Marygizelle Mesa-RIO/SMU Head, and the SSS Branch Acting Head, Mr. Antonio A. Casimiro, came up with the following agreements:

1. There will be one (1) authorized representative per barangay to submit the request to SSS thru a dropbox installed at the guard in the entrance of the agency in their respective branch offices. The request letter will serve as a group authorization of the delisted beneficiaries being required a certification;

2. The request letter cum authorization should include the following:
2.1 Complete name of the SSS Member (First Name, Middle Name and Surname, Affixes/Suffixes if applicable)
2.2 Birthdate and SSS Number of the member
2.3 Authorization of the SSS Member (1 authorization letter only signed by all the beneficiaries requesting for certification from the barangay)
2.4 Name and contact number of the Barangay Representative
2.5 Photocopy of IDs of the representative and members requesting for certification (In the absence of ID, pro-forma certification from the Brgy. Captain)

3. SSS will issue an omnibus certification per barangay request which will indicate whether the particular beneficiary/SSS member is a private sector employee, or a self-paying member, and date of start and end of contribution;

It was further agreed that Mr. Casimiro will relay the agreements to Ligao City and Tabaco City Branch for them to adopt the same measures to address this growing concern of SAP beneficiaries.