In a pivotal Municipal Advisory Council (MAC) Meetings, Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Bicol Regional Director Norman S. Laurio, called upon partners from Local Government Units (LGU) San Pascual and Claveria, Masbate, to join hands in providing intervention to Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) beneficiaries who are set to exit the program by 2027 and 2028.

Addressing the Local Chief Executives and the various Department heads of the local government units of the two towns, Director Laurio emphasized the necessity of convergence and collaborative to address the impending transition.

“In 2027 whether they like it or not, they will be exiting the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) Apart from the 4Ps Law provides for 7 years’ maximum stay or membership in the program, there are waitlisted households who also has to be catered and assisted by the program “ he stated, underlining the urgency of registering and serving new poor beneficiaries.

The meeting, which saw active participation from partners representing various sectors, aimed to discuss collaborative efforts in preparation for the transition period leading up to 2027.

During the discussions in San Pascual’s MAC Meeting, attention was drawn to the presence of private individuals who are tenants of land in the area. In response, RD Laurio proposed the possibility of providing land ownership opportunities to these individuals. He further emphasized the role of the Municipal Agriculture Office in providing support such as seeds and irrigation projects, particularly crucial amidst the prevailing El Niño conditions.

Additionally, the regional director emphasized the role of Pantawid Municipal Links (MLs) in establishing partnerships with relevant agencies to facilitate interventions effectively. Encouraging proactive engagement, he urged the Municipal Links s not to hesitate in reaching out to department heads and the mayor for support.

“If they feel embarrassed to coordinate with LGU officials to discuss interventions for our exiting 4Ps beneficiaries, we will find a way to establish a line of communication between the beneficiaries and LGUs,” he added.

He also noted the willingness of the mayor to engage with landowners to allocate land to 4Ps beneficiaries, underscoring the importance of collaboration between government agencies and local stakeholders.

Claveria and San Pascual municiplaities are two of elevel (11) Masbate province towns which has a combined more than thirty-one (31, 000) thousand households whose are being served as members of the 4Ps program pre-advent of the CCT Law, when the progam was piloted in 2008.

The meeting concluded with a commitment from all stakeholders to converge technical and financial resources towards ensuring the well-being and empowerment of exiting 4Ps beneficiaries in San Pascual and Claveria, Masbate.