Graduation Speech: 4Ps Beneficiary – Magna Cum Laude

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Graduated Magna Cum Laude
4Ps Beneficiary

How great my joy is that all of our sleepless nights have now paid off after years of hardship today we are finally done, and at least we can now repay the sacrifices of the people behind our success.

After I learned about the news that I was qualified as the Magna Cum Laude of the 2O19 graduating class, a lot of people congratulated me and said good things about me like “Ang talino mo naman,” “Ang galling mo naman.” They even told me that I am almost perfect. There was one who asked, “ how to be you po?” How to be me? I am just an ordinary person, an ordinary student just like the rest of the Asteans. But thenI took the question seriously, how am I different from the rest? What did it take me to have been given this honor? Then these:

First, I am a listener. I listen to my teachers all the time. I see to it that I don’t to do what they require me to do. I study, I recite, I prepare my projects well and see to it that I always give extra effort in preparing all my requirements.

Second, I choose my friends well. I see to it that I am in the company of good friends whom I can rely on especially in trying moments of my student life. They are the friends who always lift me when I’m down, friends who I consider to be my family away from home.

Third, I always consider my family as my inspiration. My father is A PEDICAB DRIVER and my mother is a simple housewife. I always tell myself that I have to do my best because my parents are doing everything they can to make my school life lighter to bear. My father wakes up early in the morning to work until midnight, and my mother wakes up early too to prepare the things that I and my siblings needed for school. We may not have the luxuries that others have but we have all the love that we may ever need. We may not have a beautiful house, but we have a home that bound with happiness. The love of my family keeps me going. It is that love that inspires me to always do my best.

Fourth, I trust God. I fully entrust myself to Him. When I am weak, he becomes my strength; when I am in darkness, he provides the light; and when there are hindrances, He always clears the way. I am grateful for all my achievements but I keep myself humble because I acknowledge that I did not achieve them with my own strength but with the help of God. I am grateful for the honor that is given to me today but I am most honored knowing that I have done my best for His glory.

Lastly, I always do my best. I know that I am not the most intelligent but that fact makes me strive to do the best that I can. I believe that it is not just the intelligence that will make a person succeed but it is the way he understands and handles things the right way. I do my best not to impress others, but doing my best has already become a part of me. It has already become my way of life.

How to be me? I am unique and you too are unique individuals. But I tell you, In order to achieve the things that we dream of, we have to humble ourselves and to recognize our need for our family, for our friends and for God.

I will not be where I am now without my mentors, especially TLE instructors who patiently shared their knowledge and skills with us, and who did not tire of cheering, pushing and believing that we can always do better. Thank you for always protecting and reminding us not to belittle ourselves because there are a lot of things that we alone can do best. Thank you for always reminding us that we are greater than what others think we are.

To the College President, Sir Richard H. Cordial, Sir if you can still remember me, I was the student you talked to at the office of the SDS. You chose me to be the first one to use the computer for survey purposes. At that time I felt grateful for the opportunity to be with the College President. But what‘s more amazing is that I saw how you love and care for the students. I think I even saw tears in your eyes while you were talking about your dream for the Asteans. I deeply admire you and thank you Sir for your commitment, for your fatherly concern and for being our inspiration. We are proud Asteans because of you.

To my classmates and friends who shared with me the four fruitful, happy and challenging years in BISCAST, thank you. The challenges and difficult situations during our journey has become easier to face because of you. Rica Pacis, what you said was right I would never have made it here today if not because of our friends. My best friend Louila, thank you for your love and care ; my study group and research group thank you for the moments you shared with me and for always helping me ;Meco, thank you for your encouragement and for making everything lighter for me; my classmates, thank you for your support and love  and for the happiness we shared together. All of you make me proud to be a TLE major student.

To my Tito’s and Tita’s thank you for helping me financially. To my family, thank you for your unending love, understanding, effort and sacrifices for me. Maybe we cannot buy the things we want, we may not have a concrete house, and we may not have all of the beautiful things in the world but, you have provided me the most important things that everyone needs-love, happiness and respect.

To my mother “Mama,” thank you for taking care of me and for the love and support that you have always given me. To my father who is my first love and my hero, Papa thank you for your immeasurable sacrifices. Being a pedicab driver for so many years is not easy but I know that it is your love for us that gives you strength.

Honestly, there have been times that I felt very tired, incompetent, pressured, depressed and weak. These have been the times that the idea of not studying anymore and not pushing hard enough crossed my mind. And in those times of weakness, I always see a father –waiting for me at the pedicab terminal smiling despite his tiredness; calling me and telling me, “uwi na tayo anak para sabay na tayo kumain.” Every time I think of quitting, I would see my father and I would feel guilty and even get mad at myself. Here is my father who for the longest time had been very tired of driving his pedicab but he never complained. He never stopped driving his pedicab. He never stopped my life from going I know that he is already tired and weak but he pretends to be okay so that he could provide us with the strength that we need.

Papa “salamat po sa ilang milyong pedal ng padyak na ginawa mo para sa amin, salamat po dahil hindi ka tumigil, natakot, nahiya at napagod magtrabaho para sa amin at salamat sa pagmamahal at suportang nabinigay mo sa akin. Sobrang  ipinagmamalaki ko na kayo ang naging pamilya ko at ikaw papa ang ama ko.” Never in my life that I felt ashamed because of my family’s situation because I am proud that my father is a pedicab driver.

As stated in my favorite scripture verse,” Yea I know I am nothing; as to my strength I am weak therefore I will not boast of myself but I will boast of my God for his strength, I can do all things.” All glory to God in the highest! He made us this far. I experience so many miracles while I’m studying and I know that behind those miracles is Heavenly Father.

Finally, even though we have all the inspiration and people around us, we can never succeed if we do not first help ourselves. Ultimately, our success depends on us.  My fellow graduates, we are always faced with difficulties but we need to continue and believe that after every sunset is always the sunrise. Let us continue to believe in ourselves even if others do not. Let us make ourselves better because it is in doing so that we can glorify God.

My fellow graduates, parents and sa lahat ng nakakarinig sa akin, let us be courageous to face the world and do our best to meet the expectations of others, pero kapag ginawa natin ang lahat at hindi pa rin tayo tanggap ng ibang tao, cheer up! for there is someone mightier than them, there is someone mightier than the world and it is the Heavenly Father. I know if we will do our best in everything and choose and do what is right in all times, I know we will make Him happy. We will make him proud. And, for me that is the most important thing that I will always consider.

How great this day is! And how blessed we are! Boast not of ourselves but boast on the persons behind our success!

Thank you and congratulations to all of us!



Bicol State College of Applied Sciences and Technology

Bachelor of Secondary Education, Major in Technology and Livelihood Education

Pantawid Pamilya Beneficiary

Barangay Bell, Magarao, Camarines Sur

Graduated April 2, 2O19

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