Mario C. Enciso from Digdigon, Goa, Camarines Sur happily receives a total of Php12,000.00 stipend for four (4) semesters of Social pension payouts missed due to barangay lockdowns this pandemic. Pensioner is gladly being served by Special Disbursing Officer (SDO) Sir Arwin O. Razo, Protective Services Division Chief of DSWD Bicol.

The COVID-19’s increasing number of cases and deaths prompted the government for the declaration of lockdown, quarantine and other restrictions. Lockdown specifically has proven to have reduced the spread of the virus as it is one of the social isolation restrictions implemented.

In these times of isolation and quarantine, one of the most affected sectors is the Senior Citizen. Their limited mobility during the pandemic greatly affected their means of earning a living especially those who are still working despite their old age. The government recognized the difficulties these older people are in and their need to have safe access to basic needs like food, supplies, medicine, and money in order to support their physical health and social care.

Accumulated Pension received due to lockdown

“Ako po nakaresibe ki 12,000.00 ta ako po nalackdown kang kasagsagan kang pandemya.“     (I received 12,000.00 because I have been on lockdown during the height of the pandemic).

Mario C. Enciso from Digdigon, Goa, Camarines Sur happily received his accumulated stipend amounting to 12,000.00 covering four (4) semesters from 2020-2021. He is one of the many beneficiaries who were on lockdown since the rise of Covid-19 cases and were all paid during the offsite payout in Bagumbayan Grande Covered Court, Goa, Camartines Sur.

According to Mr. Enciso, the Social Pension is indeed a very big help to the elderlies during this health crisis. When asked what he would do with the accumulated pension he received, he said he will buy one (1) of sack rice, milk and other groceries for his family, vitamins and food.

“Kaya ako nagpapasalamat marhay sa DSWD sa sakuyang nakuang 12,000.00n na pension. Bako lamang ini para sa sadiri ko kundi maiirasan ko man an sakong pamilya sa samong pang urualdaw na pangangaipo.” (I am very thankful to DSWD for the 12,000 stipend. This we will use in our day to day living not only for myself but for my family as well).

Social Pension for Indigent Senior Citizens

Social Pension or SocPen is a program for Indigent Senior Citizens in the Philippines under Republic Act No. 9994 or the “expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2010” which entitles a qualified beneficiary to receive a monthly stipend of Php500 per month to augment their daily subsistence and other medical needs being released on a semestral basis amounting to Php3,000.

Adherence to Health Protocols

DSWD assures the public of the most efficient way of delivering the services to our elderlies via offsite payment through our Special Disbursing Officers (SDOs) and paymasters, and guarantees that social distancing measures and other safety protocols are strictly observed. The Department strongly encourages the beneficiaries who still have with them relatives to send them as their authorized representatives instead of claiming their pensions themselves.